Who we are

Just Some Dreamers

A one-stop shop to help your brand get the right visibility and connect with the right audience. A young digital and communications agency comprising of an eclectic mix of creative people thirsting to work on exciting brands. Open up your brand communications with Pangolin Studios.

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What we do

Communications & Thought Leadership

Our team has worked with clients across the board – from global, Fortune 100 brands to small start-ups and everything in-between.

As content specialists, our ability to offer thought-leadership services is second to none. Driven by CXOs, thought-leadership campaigns require both, thinking and writing skills contextualized to relevant  developments within an organization’s market and wider economic ecosystem.  We harness this ability within the team and work with clients to help them identify themes and hypotheses that will be relevant to their stakeholders. We help develop media relevant press releases, case studies, articles to be placed as OpEds and blogs on the one hand and also help them co create market research surveys; white-papers and studies on the other. And we’d be very happy to do the same for you.

We can drive cohesive public relations campaigns that integrate all the above elements and more, aligned with your overall marketing push.
We’re happy to work with your in-house marketing and communications team or with the spokespersons / founders to make this happen.

Our leading niches

Social Media

Content is the heart-and-soul of what effective social media engagement is all about. We’re helping myriad organisations and start-ups with their (channel specific) social media needs.

We’re creating campaigns for them, developing and publishing an integrated suite of messaging, including video content that runs across platforms, doing research as well as community and competition tracking, and finally helping with their SEO.

pangolin studios

Website Development

We provide contemporary easy to use integrated website solutions customised according to need. Allow us to showcase your brand in the best manner possible.

Graphics, Design and Creatives

Businesses need the services of graphic designers to create impressive marketing materials. We help you establish your brand

Posters & Logos

Who we are


Video Concept, Script Writing, Shooting & Post-Production. Broadcast media background, having worked with both news and non-news platforms